Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Stone of Destiny.

Stone of Destiny.

Stone of Destiny is a story about Scottish Patriotism.  It is a story set in Glasgow, and Glasgow Uni no less.  It is a story about getting one over on the english.  And it has Pippin from Lord of the Rings in it.  It would be impossible for me not to like this.

And so like it I did, despite the underdeveloped characters, the questionable script and the dodgy 'wee highland lass' accent of Kate Mara.  It was just one of those films that made you smile, infectiously, you just couldn't help it.  Saying all that though I was rather pleased with Charlie Cox's performance as the cheeky chappy leader of the group, Iain Hamilton.  It saddened me that I knew nothing of the taking of the stone before seeing this film, although perhaps that increased my enjoyment of it.

This was never going to be a classic, but I for one just couldn't help liking it.  Perhaps best not to take it too seriously as I think, being a PG and all it is best viewed in a light-hearted manner. 


very short review, just lost the train of thought I had and decided it was better ended there than being dragged out.

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