Friday, 24 October 2008

Ghost Town.

I'm trying to write these reviews a little more fresh from the movie, as I have been waiting a few days sometimes before writing them and it just means my thoughts stew together and get convoluted.  It seems that usually I think clearest just after having seen a movie, even if later on I don't always agree with myself.  So, despite having a few backdated reviews still to do, I am going to review Ghost Town as I have just came out of it.

Ghost Town.

So here is Ricky Gervais in his first title role, playing, well himself... if he was a dentist.  He does it rather well and is the funniest and best thing about the movie, however, he is sitting firmly in his comfort zone of uncomfortable awkward comedy.  Other than the laughs provided by Ricky Gervais the rest of the characters just seem superfluous, Greg Kinnear is just plain annoying most of the time, and Tea Leoni is only really there to provide something more 'real' for Gervais' comedy to bounce off of.  
As for the story, it is not good.  It borrows from many other movies, and feels distinctly similar to many others.  It all goes a bit midday Tv movie complete with cheesy lines and happy endings (I don't feel like that is giving too much away, it is a 12A after all.)  One scene in particular gave had me and my friend in hysterics as it seemed to be taken directly from the forgotten classic that is Just Like Heaven.  It was entertaining and diverting enough, you just felt at some times like they would shut-up with some of the dialogue and get to where you knew they were going with the plot.

All that being said, it was quite an enjoyable experience, I like Ricky Gervais and even the predictable and soppy story couldn't put that much of a dampener on the movie.


It seems that I have seen a lot of average movies lately, don't worry review of Burn After Reading is forthcoming, just have to psyche myself up for that one, as I think once I get going in will be hard not to ramble off into infinity.  

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